Yahoo! y el Día Nacional del Dólar


Yahoo! tiene algunas cosas interesantes sobre el Día Nacional del Dólar. Hay un artículo de AP, “Argentina Ends Dual Exchange System”: “Argentina’s government fully uncoupled the peso from the U.S. dollar on Monday for the first time in more than a decade. Exchange houses overflowed with anxious Argentines seeking dollars.” El de Reuters se titula “Argentines Fear for Savings as Floated Peso Falls”: “The Argentine peso fell 12 percent on Monday on the first day of fully floated trade against the U.S currency in over a decade as anguished investors lined up for dollars to shield savings from the feared return of rampant inflation.”

Menos coyuntural, la BBC informa sobre “The events that triggered Argentina’s crisis”: “The people of Argentina have seen their pensions taken away, unemployment soar, inflation jump and their industries decimated.” La misma página contiene una lista impresionante de artículos, en la columna de la derecha.